List of Camping Grounds in Malang with Affordable Cost

Senin, 30 Januari 2023 - 02:09
List of Camping Grounds in Malang with Affordable Cost Bedengan Camping Ground, Malang.

TIMES BENGKULU, JAKARTA – Camping with your family or loved ones will be a good way to spend your day off. And it won't need much money, just like these camping grounds in Malang. It will surely ease your wallet as well refresh your mind and soul.

For your information, Malang is a regency located in East Java. This small city nestled on top of mountain which make it has such a cool climate. There were lots of untouched area either private property or those belongs to the government. 

As of now, they started to make use the beauty of these untouched hidden gem based on the local wisdom. It even has trapped the foreign tourists' attention. And they mostly offered for a low price yet with high class experience. 

3 Camping Ground with Low Price in Malang 

1. Bedengan

This place offers the natural beauty of local creek combined with lush green trees. You could pitch your tent next to the creek and spend your night with your family there.

They offer some barbecue package as well. Or you could just bring your own portable kitchen utensils and the ingredients from home then grill anything you like. 

You could also catch some small fish and put it on your grill. To get into this camping ground you will need to pay IDR 10 -20 K for the ticket. But you need to book in advance to make sure you have a nice comfortable venue to spend your night outdoor in this area. 

2. Teluk Asmara Beach

This place is located in remote area. But the natural view on the venue will make your jaw drop. It was because you can pitch your tent right in front of the beach and enjoy the calming sound of wave during your sleep. 

You could bring your own camping gear or just rent it on the spot for IDR 40 - 70 K. You will also need to pay for IDr 20 K for the ticket at the entrance gate. 

The management of this beach has also provide the visitors with restroom and cafeteria to fulfill your belly. You could also charge your gadget in the cafeteria for IDR 5 K/pax till its fully charged. 

If you willing to do a barbecue you could get some fresh fish at Sendang Biru fish auction market located 10 minutes from the venue. And it will surely lite up your night and make it merrier. 

3. Omah Kayu Batu

Located in Batu Malang this place is quite reachable for those who doesn't want to go far away and drive so long. This place offers dozens of wooden house installed on top of the tree which will give you a captivating view of sunset.

The camping ground is surrounded with lush green trees and make this area even more comfortable to spend your holiday with the family. You could pitch your tent in thsi camping ground and do all the campers do i.e. barbecue. 

These camping grounds in Malang will make your day off brighter and and cherish your time with your loved ones. It will tighten the bound with your family and make your day better.  (*)

Pewarta : Khodijah Siti
Editor : Khodijah Siti

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